Young Families guide to Financial freedom

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My husband and I have had our share of financial mistakes some big some not so big but completely avoidable. It’s actually a fact that we are still both learning. We have been on our own since 18 with a baby in tow. We had to learn some hard lessons a little faster than the average.

After nine years with my company, I suddenly found myself downsized. So now two incomes are now down to one. We’ve been here before so it’s safe to say that we had to take a hard look at our finances. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way and this mama is prepared.

Deal with it

Open ALL the mail even the kind that looks like junk. You never know what’s inside. It’s better to open and deal with it head on than ignore and hope it goes away. (It won’t! )

Get your credit report

Know what’s on your credit. Is it accurate? Every year you are entitled to a free credit report from I also recommend credit karma to stay up to date. If there’s an error, it can be disputed right from the app.

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Make a Budget – Stick to it! this has been our saving grace. It has every bill and all our accounts easily accessible to the both of us. It sends alerts to our phones when the bill is due and even gives us the option to make payment in 2 easy clicks. It has made the frustration on bill paying virtually nonexistent. Who has time to remember all those passwords ugh ! It has also made our spending habits transparent. We can both see that makeup and sneakers are a cause for concern, Opps!

Emergency fund

This is by far the most important thing we’ve learned along the way. If we don’t have our savings together we are both on edge. Sign up for a debit card free saving account. Out of sight out of mind. Make it as inconvenient as possible access this money. It takes 3 days for me to make theses funds available. By then the sale is over so goodbye impulse buy.


Now, of course, these are the basics but if I can go back and do it all over again. I wish someone would have stressed the importance at least these basic things to us when we were younger. It could have saved us a lot of frustration and sleepless nights!

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…But hey how bout them #throwbacks.We’ve come a long way but that’s a story for another day 🙂

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