4 Podcasts That will Change Your life

I love listening to podcasts, secretly it’s the only reason I make it to work most mornings. 30 minutes there and 30 back give or take, a whole hour I get to listen. It’s an instant motivator to get your shit together. Whatever your niche from fashion to health to career there is an option for you. I consider this my weekly meeting with my mentors. Here is a couple of my must haves in no particular order.


p0zc2nok_400x400Myliek Teele.  

Ambitious go- getter.

No joke this woman is my mentor in my head, an Oprah in the making.She is seriously that chick. Currently heads Curl Box , a unique way for women to test natural hair products delivered to their door steps. She tells you the real about how success works and not only that but what it takes to maintain it at that level. As with all things getting their is only half the work. She makes no excuses and doesn’t take any. If you’re looking for someone to get you all the way together head over to Itunes and download immediately. My favorite quote,

“If you aren’t  going to bring it , then stay SEATED”.- Myleik Teele


nicaila-matthews-side-hustle-pro-cailakspeaksSide Hustle Pro.  

For the young and young at heart hustler.

She does weekly interviews with the best of the best. She goes through step by step how they got there. I love that it gets so specific that it shows you really how attainable it is. She goes through from the low points of entrepreneurship to the highs and everything in between. I can appreciate the relatability factor. She doesn’t interview people who started a “small company “, of a million dollars.

She focuses on the girl next door (the one that looks like me ) who made a legacy for herself by hard work and extra-ordinary hustle.

biggerpockets-podcast-cover1Bigger Pockets .

Real Estate connoisseur.

Now I understand this may not be your niche but hear me out. I think real estate is for everyone to some capacity. Its so much money to be had in a resource that will always be a necessity.  Of course this is just my opinion but I stand firm in it. There are so many avenues of real estate that you can get into that I never knew about until this podcast. You can be extremely involved to lax and still rake in the bucks. My husband and I currently own our  property that we eventually want to turn into a rental and before the end of the year plan to own another. I pretty much skip around episodes because I know for sure I’m not interested in commercial building or apartment complexes. I tend to stick to the interviews on rentals and tenant management. I suggest you listen in on a few options to feel out the sweet spot that will work for you and your level of interest. I have by far learned more information here than I could have ever gotten from HGTV any day.

I think real estate is for everyone to some capacity. Its so much money to be had in a resource that will always be a necessity.

gg-laughing-1024x771 The Great Girlfriends.

Virtual Homies

I’m going to be honest this one is fairly new to me as I have only listened to a few episodes so far. I struggled with  adding it  to my must listen list. After careful consideration it was a definitely.  Its about living a passionate life and conversations revolve around all things women #struggle. I have a hard time keeping shit running smooth sometimes and it’s great to hear women talking about those same struggles, right ?!? I mean I know I’m not the only one that left those damn dishes in the sink last night because I been running all day and ain’t got time for dishes. So grab a latte and chill for some real talk on life, faith, love and purposeful living.

Its about living a passionate life and conversations revolve around all things women #struggle

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