Four Reasons Your Resolution Sucks

Every year millions set out on a new life that begins miraculously on January 1st. We also know that 90% of us will fail. It’s a fact, I hate to tell ya kid. There is a reason for the obnoxious internet memes about the people who consistently scream “New Year New Me”,  and end up in the same circumstances or worst.  I’ve had a few successes along the way but over the years I realized that there’s a trend in my many failed resolutions and why I inevitable abandon them out of frustration or boredom. Here is the top four reasons we will fail and how we can overcome them.


                          1.You don’t Believe it 

I’m ashamed to say but I’ve pretty much had one resolution in particular for a minimum of 10 years *coughs (last 25 pounds). It’s hard to wrap my head around actually achieving it.The number one problem is not working on the inside first i.e. mindset. I’m planning on turning this around  through daily prayer and affirmations.

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                         2. You don’t Have a Plan

The perfectionist in me has made me notorious at over reaching. I’m always on step 15 when I haven’t even completed step 2. It’s important to have precise steps towards each goal so you’re not thinking of website fees and marketing budgets when you should be working on writing your first post .

                          3. It’s Not Specific Enough 

Ok so now you have a plan but, it’s not specific enough. Know what you’re working towards and be specific down to the very detail. As they say the devil is in the details

                        4. You’re Already Considering Plan B

“I’m just going to buy this size 15 just as a backup in case I don’t make it to an 8”. I think we’ve all been there; right ?!?  I’m not saying it’s not good to have some safeguards in place but why act on them. The goal is plan A, PHUCK plan B

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